A Cup Of Love Ministry feeding the hungry!

  Over 25,000 cups served on the streets!

About Us

      A Cup of Love Ministry is all about feeding the souls of people. Those who are seeking a warm cup of soup and to warm their souls with the Love of Christ!

      Our mission is to go out and feed people and spread the word of God. On the streets, we set up tents for fellowship and also have a indoor fellowship building to share the miracles that God has done in our lives and what He can do for you!

     We also offer free bibles and hygiene, jackets and blankets and more.

All these items are needed daily for people and we ask that you help those in need and make a donation to help us renew these supplies. God Bless You!

We are a Non-Profit Organization and we couldn't do this without your help.

NWA Food Bank is such a blessing to this ministry!
For donations and more information 
Location: 4032 E Van Buren, Eureka SPrings, Ark. 72632
326 C.R. 122 Eureka Springs, Ark. 72631 
A Cup Of Love Ministry
Article on the recent shut down and getting back on the streets

Community Activities

We set up three times a week now in Eureka Springs at local food banks to help feed people and hand out things the food pantry may not have. Offering warm soup and free clothing.

Our schedule is Mon. 9:30-2 @ Flint St. Serving soup, Wejjd. 9:30-3 @ Flint St. Serving soup, Fri. out on the streets! Come Expecting!!

All Welcome!