We are out on the streets and inside at the fellowship hall at 4032 E. Van Buren in Eureka Springs, Ar., reaching people of every walk of life!

  A Cup of Love is now an indoor and street ministry.

 God has provided the ministry with so much already by donations of everything needed to be on the streets. Over 25,000 cup served!

 Our goal is to reach even one soul and it will be worth it. We have already seen people stop to ask for prayer and come back and testify to God's power through prayer. We have witnessed many people giving their lives to God.

 Seeing the changes in our own lives and so many lives that are connected to this ministry through prayers and having the chance to set and visit with those searching for something better and making a change in their lives, also staying in touch online has been such a blessing and a great testimony to what one person stepping out in faith can do for others.

 We give God all the Glory for everything He is doing and that which is coming!

Waiting on The Lord to bring souls to be feed His word and warm their souls with a cup of hearty soup.
Over 11,270 cups served!
       Homemade soup is made daily, we try to serve three or four different kinds and all of the supplies to make it are donated. Over 25,000 cups served!
      We want to thank all those who donate and help serve the soups and minister to people.
       Our Support comes from the Lord and those that invest prayers and donations.
   Spiritual Streams Fellowship in Cassville, Mo.,
   Soul Purpose Ministry in Green Forest, Ark. ,
  New Life Freedom in Cassville, Mo. 
and two food banks in Eureka Springs, Ark.
  Wild Flower and Flint St.

 We Thank You and May God continue to Bless you!